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Tuesday, July 10, 2012





  February -  History Month 
Hello Mama Africa!

Feb. 2020 Music by  



this city has a theft problem
holiday warnings/everyday warning
- be safe &track your packages

link below

Baltimore Among Cities With Most Porch Pirates, Study Says

 Study: Baltimore Ranks Fourth In Rate Of Porch Pirates In U.S.


How to Recognize and Respond to Energy Vampires 


 as a creative person

 How to deal with energy suckers

(u don't deal with them)

.. ..

Howard University Gifted with Works of  Art  

5 Myths about Jazz 

 The Decade in Jazz: 10 Definitive Moments


 The fastest-growing vegan demographic 

is African Americans. (Washington Post)


The Most Anticipated Museum Openings of 2020!


Art from Haiti to Hood 



 6 Ways To Make Creativity Part Of Your Everyday Life

Getting Started with Mindfulness

These 100 Benefits of Meditation 


 Curated Quarted Magazine for 

African American Interior Design 


30 Black interior Designers 

 You should be Following on Instagram

(fr. real simple) 


Aphrochic Magazine 1 

 Aphrochic Magazine 2







global jams


A good article

other, articles various  from the internet  



 ( in Celebration of  Mother's Day  
Thank You Mom & to My Grand Mothers
My Aunties , Sisters , Nieces & Many Many Cousins )

 May's music by

 Shuyu Okino & Navasha Daya

May 2020

tunes  80's throwback



 between art and quarantine




 June 2020

tune by adeva

pharoah sanders

cedar walton

ruben blades


african beads & flower

above photography - beads

the Creative
cover up! 


protect your community
protect yourself

shoot? if U don't know
u better ask somebody!

how masks fit

(most have single 
elastic band)

contoured  chin area 
Masks are  Hand Washable. 
( soap & water)

Cover Up if U Can / Gloves Too!

it's a serious time





Detroit bus driver dies from coronavirus days after making
 angry video about coughing passenger





it's all about self-accountability. 



the friend always in need?...




meanwhile back on the farm...


 All Photo Images  taken by
& Property of Phillybeanpie Art .


Hello 2020 !

the Chinese year of the Rat

Jan. 2020  music by
Duane Stephenson

  videos of cities & places with a whole  lot of  style &humor ...
rumors of war, mad dysfunction & rife out there...
U will definitely need to remember
your sense of humor & more to get through these times.

-but? You'll Get Through it!... 

Stay in Your Faith & Stay Grounded 


MARCH 2020  - Corona Virus Pandemic!

Rudy Gobert Apologizes for 'Careless' Behavior After 
Touching Microphones Before Coronavirus Diagnosis

Ney York Times -What You Can Do About Coronavirus Right Now

Millennials and Gen Z Make Up Philly’s Largest COVID-19-Positive Group. We Need to Take This Seriously.

from WXYZ 

 Quit acting like it doesn't fit you: 
Deceased DPD captain's family warns against taking COVID-19 lightly

 Nearly 3 dozen who attended 1 church event test positive for coronavirus

(potentially every person who carries the virus  passes it on to 3 or more)

Apartment Buildings & Social Distancing



Maryland Police Respond to Thousands of Business, Crowd complaints amid Coronavirus Order.





Psalm 46;10


 Nice Art
re- creations

while in quarentine

a welcome diversion


visit  the Louvre online


March 2020 Playlist

Leon Patillo

Brenda Russell

Kim Burrell 

Tye Tribbett 

Marvin Sapp 

a mini concert Treat from BBC 1xtra
Buju Banton 

Bloom Cam the National Mall

The Farmer's Almanac 

Good Housekeepings's - Virtual Museum  List

the Daily Word 

PhillyVoice Podcasts 

The Carroll Museum Baltimore


10 of Philly’s most memorable street characters!!!

 drumline elmo 

  Royal Legacy Zodiak Percussion

philly jesus - jamming 

block party drum lines

 9th street drumline

 Clark Park Music Performance

cypher dance france 

 Jersey x Baltimore x Philly Club Dance Cypher

Cypher Afro Dance

 peven everett 

 central park skate circle 

autumn/winter  music  playlist - 2019
...for nice  crisp nights - &  beautiful winter skies !

musical inspiration

"grown folk's music, diverse"

version of
(old town road *) 


(awesome !!) 
inserts -  sabar dance here  :)



(a bit of lover's rock )


a bit of the  Kumina dance here

...modern dance & stuff

ART of Ivory Coast & Beyond

The Art Korhogo Cloth & the Dance
Martial Arts

the dance of the korhogo/ boloye

 ( women playing shekere instruments )


other inspirations


a pretty autumn rainy day ;)

rainy night.. city.


even with the changing seasons still, beauty... 

....pine cones...


music playlist, diverse
(summer 2019)

Andy Bey









Black Uhuru


Steel Pulse



Mpho Sebina 

Mo'Kalamity & the Wizards

Jah Shaka

Mbilia Bel

Koop & Yukimi 

the Rascals

Shuggi Otis




Marisa Monte

 Omara Portuondo

  Bobby Valentin, Canta Cano Estremera


sunflowers from yard

sunflowers, yard

'Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.'

a jamming little train station..

All Photo Images  taken by
& Property of Phillybeanpie Art .

july 2019

July 2019

Aug. 2019

a look at the  Culture, Music, Dance from

Mali Culture /Beautiful Music/Dance - Khasso Sinon Gnasigo Moussa Kanté

 Cultural Music &  Dance  - Dembancane jikke 2012 " kelemina

Cultural Music & Dance -Sini Gnasigo  

Cultural Dance Senegal -  Soninke  
Cultural Dance -

Sierra Leone Dance  - Bundu

Igbo Antilogwu Dance  


the rabbits have dibs on the strawberries every year!

 a great summer for the garden
lots of rain, lots of flowers/lots of fresh herbs!
Thanks to the Creator!

music by jabbo smith

after chilling all winter

garden quotes


the problem is
Some people just don't know how to 
Leave Other People & Other People's things alone...

"yo??get back/ I don't know u like that!!!" -  (Ludacris)


iman quotes

Plants & Healthy Air Articles  

How Plants Clean Up the Air
from Mold, Bacteria & Viruses 

Plants Clean up the Air in Your Home 

Houseplants that Clean Your Home's air
of Toxins

How English Ivy Helps to Prevent 
Mold in Your Home

How Trees  (& Roots) Prevent Flooding

How Native Plants Prevent Flooding


 Baltimore Is ‘Most Robbed City’ In The U.S., Study Shows


a beautiful poem by sufi poet yunis emre 


....always consider the source...

Keep Shining! 



October is 

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

(a little) classic salsa/merengue/jazz/timba/
jazz con swing.. percussion & rhythms 
music mix 2018 -


about the spanish & congolese inspired

Elito Reve y su Charangon
Fea. Mykel Fonts

some Congo beats & amazing harmonies

more of

Pedrito Martinez does Los Van van 

Los Van Van  (classic)

Los van van

 Como Cantan Como Bailan Los Negros

Fania Allstars

Maykel Blanco 

el Nino & Verdad

(India,Brazil,Islamic, Irish, Caribbean,Hispanic, African) 

Caribbean Festival 


good vibes & lots of congas!



(African Art)



 Other Interests

It's all about Good Tea
"Mr. Earl &  Mr Grey"

I've enjoyed this tea, forever!

homage to African drumming circles ,


culture & genealogy 

more info on 

from my DNA - I'm currently researching 

- benin- togo- mali- guinea -senegal -
kenya/ethiopia-- greece- portugal -spain/cuba/ puerto rico -
jamaica- haiti -congo/cameroon
canada- sweden
scotland/ireland & caribbean....
pretty much the whole world!




here's some of  my ad mix generated/on GEDmatch


my GEDmatch ancient oracle estimates 

my gedmatch ethiohelix chart's calculations.

Check the  EthioHelix calculator - 

 for  interpreting the origins of your own African ethnicity.

nilo saharan languages
koi san
biaka pygmy
north african
east africa
west africa 


if You have Ancestors that were from the Nomadic

(...Mali/Senegal/ Cameroon/Congo/ Kenya...) 
some were nomadic

It's very interesting!

below, more on
African Kingdoms

other interests

good books for research &  information

a good website


(from Christine's genealogy site)

What I've learned so far..........
it's helpful to  Get a DNA test..

1.It's always best to do your own research and
check out & verify your own (multiple)  sources.
just don't copy & paste 
other people's research & info You could be copying Other People's mistakes
Always ask for permission & always credit your sources*.  


Protect your Private tree &  Photos.
 Enjoy the evolving  Process, the Discoveries  &  Have Fun!

what I'm reading...

book title

an atomic bomb was dropped on this little known African American community*  

"You can't hold a Man down Without Staying down With him."

Booker T. Washington

a good book on Slave Revolts  in Puerto Rico 
& Other Links



a dance of celebration & rebellion

Native American - Tag'wad 'hi 


cultural games like 

 Brown Girl in the Ring




Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

by Rumi



Trust Your Own Instincts & Boundaries...



maco a very nosy person ....
a stranger who cannot stay out of 
your business. 


maco jokes ! (below)

Hilarious, You're too forward!!


Evolve &  Live your Best life!!!

Tourism & Events by locations (click on)
- the anti stoop sitting serum




on evolving

bad vibes / negative energy!

tune by

 ..quotes &   old time quotes ..


Love & Happiness




Other People's Drama & Stupid Chaos....

Keep it!





alternative cuisines!



  Culinary & Photography Hobbies..

(spicy chorizo stuffed plantains)

 my meatless


aug 2019 


"jack the fruit "
old school jam while cooking

tune by  d -mob

                                                     ....pulled scotch bonnet jackfruit...


march 2020 -  piononos

alt. cuisine
check out my other culinary ideas

east coast - paw paws  

Music - Culture - Food - Dance-  Life!

brass drummer, mali  &  tchourai/thiouraye 

all original images are property of  phillybeanpie*

tune by 


more Music Vibes 2018

(homage to the chill wkdu vibes) 


All Photo Images  taken by
& Property of Phillybeanpie Art .

in the middle of chaos, beauty......

afro cuban drummers


a painting


ghost dance

my interpretation of  teke masks (congo)

mali's luv (art,cloth)


I've known rivers ... by gary bartz, music


akwabaa dolls,ghana


I crocheted a pomegranate! lol

handmade textile mats/table runners/bench scarves 

All Photo Images  taken by
& Property of Phillybeanpie Art .

& things that inspire !

photo of  musician in dc

more things that inspire..
original photos, by me!

All Photo Images  taken by




guinea baga art @ museum visit


Baltimore's train station ceiling!

beauty & inspiration is always around
for those who seek & appreciate life's  beauty.

baltimore cool, painted screens!

a crayon colored laundromat

a nice theater to see a lynn nottage play in

a statue of Mr. F. Douglass
on waterfront

dc chinatown - tune by 

above image
seen in Baltimore ... a very cool window !
- Beautiful,  a few Urban advocates of peace
for a City in  Severe Crisis!

tunes - click links below to listen



more music jazz & world beat

( burning spear artscape, july)

photo of mr. winston rodney (burning spear)
doing his thing!

music links below



poem by maya angelou

...more things that inspire..
Always God , Family, Friends, Nature & Music
architecture & nature..



Flo- rida

not flo-rida


the heart of rock & roll is in Cleveland...


"isla linda y preciosa"


leeward islands

my photography

music by Ghana's  kojo antwi  for
baltimore style/urban cool  - akwabas in the windows\


sun dappled summer linens


blood orange candle

book selection - harlem style















 handmade ankara phone portfolio


in smaller size for traveling light..


medium sized tote


handmade clutch purse


click link below to enjoy music 

just bees and things & flowers? :) roy ayers





.. there's nothing like live conga drums!!!...

Thankful For...

farmers market fun!   

(norway spoon) for more kitchen art- click here

My Moroccan Tea kettle

The Local Coffee & Tea Shops

The Local Florist Shops

the Many Local  Confectionery Shops Candy Stores in this Burg'!

other burgs

au bon lieu



other stuff

exploring the hidden scent shops and apothecaries
or when I travel

i like to create -
paintings, textiles, crafts, digital photos, photography
(of how i view this world)  & more!
all work copyrighted, to inquire about my work
-- contact me at -

 Bean Pie - Music by Sonny Philllips

or my homemade version 

(a sugar-free)
it's  all good.



tune by gene harris

Thanks for Stopping by!


 once u identify your
favorite flowers scents or  oils
-here's a good resource

the basenotes fragrance site

for Serious Music Lovers
(Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Rap)

Wax Poetics Blogs 

Jahwork's  Radio Podcasts 

AfroPop Worldwide Podcasts


inspiration interior decor web sites
(flea markets, museums & galleries)
& Other Inspirations

african inspired decor

african inspired decor Frederick Douglass's
 old house in Baltimore modernized

interiors gordon chambers open house ny

leyden lewis interior design

salaam gallery

rand africa decor 

house of mami wata fabric
on etsy 

the plant chica 

the plant chica on etsy

jomo tarikou furniture design

beth diana smith interior design

connaissance des arts

new york social diary

black renaissance noire journal
Flash of the Spirit

Jazz Iz Magazine 

Fad Magazine Art  

the ACC



umiri siki

oloro interiors

daneille colding interiors

nile johnson interior design

ishka designs 


inner beauty interiors

blessed little bungalow

 Saudah Saleem Interior design

Belgian Pearls Lefevre intagram 

Brooklyn Limestone Blog 

Nose to the Brownstone Blog 

Stephanie Kraus Design

The Craftman Bungalow 

The Lettered Cottage 

Down 2 Earth Design

Tallulah and Bird Design

Cottage Style Blog 

RoseHip Blog 

Curbed Philadelphia

Perfectly Imperfect Blog


waist beads by Sewra

the Bead Chest

Art Sanctuary 

The Barnes Foundation 

Rush Philanthropic Arts 

Danny Simmons Art 

Marie Denise Douyon Art 

Antonio Broccoli Porto

Shakoor Inc Interiors 

Mother Jones

Tabor Ethiopian 
Ebenezer's Ethiopian

Calabash Tea & Tonic 

Emmas' Tea Spot

Serengeti Teas & Spices 

Juniper Culinary Apothecary


Pavan Food 

African Arte

Vero Beach Art 

The Walters Art 

Ramon Alejandro Art 

Harmonia Rosales Art 

Tamara Natalie Madden Art

Design Stockholm

foundrie no 201 blog

keita turner design 


material culture

drama mama bookshop
erika ward interiors

f*ck your nguchi coffee table blog 

copper paper interiors

serena & lily 

bailey li interior design

darryl carter design 

halden interiors 

Joy Moyler Interiors

hamill gallery

romanek design studio

chinoisery chic

the jungalow

nichole gibbons style

cecil hayes interior design


other interests

julian francis abele 

fort mose historical society 

art- omar viktor  diop 

art exhibit

blackbeard & black pirates 

black seminoles in Fla. 

slave revolts in puerto rico 

marcus garvey philadelphia

touring philadelphia's black history

gullah /geechie nation news

remembering the women
that j marion sims experimented on
in SC

quilts of gees bend

the dogon of Mali

Mami Wata

black renaissance noire journal

kinfolk magazine

american craft council

bead & jewelry magazine

stampington creative magazines

african arts journal

connaissance des arts

philadelphia magazine 

ancient african writing

the Ishango bone
(the congo & mathmatics)

king  leopold's ghost
(congo genocide)

peepal tree press (literary)

spoken vizions magazine

journal of contemporary african art


if  covetousness is 
Your Nature, then?
it is what it is...



Set. 2020



- global tunes by -
 a still life
along the waterfront